Whether you are living a modest or a penthouse lifestyle:
• If your health is depleted
• or if you’re simply not happy
• or if you work endlessly because you think it is the only way to survive
• or if you hugely want to succeed in life and you feel the only option you have is to work endless hours over a balanced work/play reality
• or if you feel the love you want to give and receive seems to be elusive to your desires…
it is because you are still operating on subconscious beliefs that keep you in these experiences.

At some point in your development you placed different beliefs in your subconscious mind that came from different levels of interpretations of your life experiences, whether real or misperceived. This happens whether you are fully aware of this or not. You then store what you believe to be true into your subconscious which is without question the 90% of not only what you experience, they influence how you respond to those experiences. Ten percent of what affects your life experiences and the way you would truly like to respond, comes from your conscious mind. This is the main reason why you have to address what you really want your life to be like at the subconscious level.

This 90% – 10%  ratio is the main reason why affirmations and visualizations are hit and miss. It is because they are formed from the conscious mind which only affects 10% of what you experience. These tools may work for a short time because of the focus they give you, however if your beliefs are not changed subconsciously, in time, you will begin to go back to same-old – same-old. The 10% of the conscious mind and what it wants and what it focuses on (which is you) cannot override the 90% of what your subconscious mind still “believes to be true” and for the most part operates on auto pilot. 

The information on this site provides you the WHAT is happening. THE CHOICE IS MINE gives you the HOW you can change what is not serving the life that you would really, really love to live Sooner Rather Than later™.  How does it do this?  Because it makes positive changes on the subconscious level.



Because THE CHOICE IS MINE  Transformational Development Inside /Out System (TCIM) works on the subconscious level, its brilliance empowers you to replace beliefs you are unconscious to, yet are still influencing what limits the quality of the life you want to experience.  Whatever change(s) you want to bring into your life the tools we provide support you in creating change more easily, gracefully and abundantly, while increasing your ability to be happy no matter what, and it doesn’t stop there. It additionally expands your freedom to experience life to the fullest.

“If anyone ever said to you, ‘Look inside for your answers,’ and you said silently, ‘How do I do that?… How can I make a difference in mine or other’s lives?’ Veronique’s THE CHOICE IS MINE is it.

Veronique has created an original approach with her innovative principles you can universally apply personally, professionally or organizationally to transform what doesn’t serve your goals and dreams. The subtleties within her principles are exclusive to what she delivers through THE CHOICE IS MINE (TCIM) System. Her TCIM Inside/Out Training gives a “reality” to your goals and breathes life into your dreams like nothing else currently available.  It is a treasure to pass on to everyone you know.

– Barry Spilchuck – Trainer for Fortune 500 companies across America, Canada and Abroad  & Co-Author of
‘A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul’

 TCIM system consist of inspiring and enlightening principles that develop and transform an individual from the inside out by empowering the subconscious mind to aline its 90% with the 10% of the conscious mind so you are creating through 100% of your God-given gifts. This system answers what motivates us. It provides knowledge through theoretical and practical understanding surrounding the importance of understanding how our words, and the subtleties within our communications form and reinforce a reality that keeps any limiting beliefs, conscious of them or not, from replaying and influencing our experiences. This system additionally supports you in sharpening your focus in having what you want sooner rather than later. You also receive the inspiring and uplifting wisdom gifted to Veronique when she cried to God for help. She wrote the words down in the form of a letter to herself as they were gifted to her. It was later discovered that their unique placement was able to effect the subconscious positively by lessening the power limiting beliefs had on the conscious mind replacing what limits with what was freeing. Both reading this Letter repeatedly and listening to the audio that holds the same wisdom reinforces effecting a balanced, happier and more abundant life.


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THE CHOICE IS MINE System  is a tool uniquely designed to reach and reprogram the subconscious mind with what would allow you a more fulfilled, simple (this does not mean lack of quality, in fact it is quite the opposite), freer and abundant life. The best part is this can all happen without having to sacrifice your health, freedoms in life or time with loved ones. Through the use of THE CHOICE IS MINE System and the Unconditional Allowance Audio you find principles that balance work /play activities and in time you begin to realize you do not have to settle for what feels safe yet, may only tie you to living in a box that you circle endlessly. You can live out of the box safely because you are using 100% of your conscious and subconscious minds in unison.  Unifying your love to a level of wealth in life that money cannot buy.

This journey is most successful for those who are willing to commit to themselves to make a change and do it differently.  The last stanza in the Robert Frost poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ sums it up nicely:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.



When you remain unconscious to what subconscious beliefs you carry, you  limit your ability, in any way, to experience life the way you really, really, really want it to be. This can only be addressed from the inside out by resubmitting beliefs to the subconscious mind that reinforce the life you would love to live. This is what THE CHOICE IS MINE Transformational Development Inside / Out System supports you in achieving… what you really, really, really want instead of thinking you have to settle.


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