Unconditional Allowance – A Personal Development Audio Experience

After you experience the Introduction and the Prayer, the next two tracks contain a spoken version of the enlightening book Unconditional Allowance. An inspirational story that goes deep into your heart, touching the truth of the human journey, uniting you with the eptic of the human spirit. Its meditative tones relaxes your mind and quiets your soul to remember the love and unconditional power within you. As you listen to the true-life story of an enlightening and transformational experience, you are uplifted by the story to better understand how, where, and when you may have held yourself back in life.

In this miraculous, true life-story, you are taken on a special journey of personal development and discovery. It is a brilliant portal intolife’s graceful beauty as the human side of oneself unites with the spiritual side. By repeatedly listening to this audio, you are empowered from the inside out with an energy of unconditional love, freedom, and balance, supporting you in remembering your true nature.

This encouraging audio process nurtures and creates an opportunity to begin to become aware of what holds you back and keeps you down. Be prepared as stirring words reveal and challenge erroneous perceptions that create obstacles in your everyday life. Make way for empowering growth! Strengthen the love of self as you listen repeatedly to its empowering words. Veronique celebrates the wonder of life in her unique quest to be love unconditionally experienced and witnessed.

The last track is an enchanted sound track for Unconditional Allowance. Emotionally charged and musically rich, this composition uplifts with each meditative note reaching into the heart and power of staying in the now.

5 Digital audio files (3 full CD’s worth of files)