THE CHOICE IS MINE System Inside/Out Training


THE CHOICE IS MINE paves the path to your only option…  Success through your…


The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists: to have as your intention or objective.

The state of seeing… imagine…   knowing that you truly are unable to fail.

How you do something is how you do everything.

  • Ask yourself if you knew you couldn’t fail what would you be doing?  
  • When will you begin living a life that is fulfilling and makes you happy?
  • How soon would you do either?

TCIM Inside/Out Training breaks the mold in transformation, personally, professionally and organizationally that answers the questions above.

How does it do this?…

The power of this personal development system is that it incorporates the ‘knowing’ that success and failure (achieving what you SAY you want, or not), are just a series of choices that you make. The unique aspect of this system is that while it is a training system, it is a training system that doesn’t require hard work or long hours of exercises for rapid and grounded results.  Just read it 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.  If you are someone who wants more explanation or to exercise your mind, you can read the supplemental volume.

At every ‘response or reaction’ you have to a situation in a very small segment of time you make a choice that you run quickly through your mind.  No matter how brief or conscious you think you are to the choices you are making, these choices either continue different levels of struggle in the same, similar or different ways, or the choices you’ve made completely support you in being happy, healthy and fulfilled ‘where you are’ as you continue to grow into living the life you ultimately love.

Your subconscious mind influences 90% of how you experience life, your conscious mind 10%.  This System allows you to know what that 90% ‘truly’ is, so you can congruently set your subconscious to align the choices you are making with what you consciously want your life to be like. This congruent alignment powerfully influences how you can advance the quality of your life easily and in less time while being happy along the way because you are reinforcing the love of being you. If you are not growing into the life that you love through ever growing ease, grace and abundance, then know you are still making choices that are somehow, someway still supporting same old-same old. Same old-Same old is totally OK if you are OK with it. You can argue as much as you want on what you ‘think’ you are doing, or changes you ‘think’ you are making that you ‘think’ you are supportive or ‘think’ you are really OK with.  Remember, reality is the keeper of truth…. If you are loving where you currently are in your life because you have deleted struggle, doubt and upsets and you have ‘all’ you want, then you don’t need this training. Then what are you doing on this website?  Now, if you are searching for someone else, that’s great… Yet, if you are beginning to realize with all the words we have put on here, that this has something for you, aren’t you worth the small investment to have it all?

This is TCIM’s power.  It allows you to become aware of what you ‘must do’ to congruently align your subconscious and conscious minds to support you in being all you can be through your signature strengths.  Everything else is icing on the cake. How awesome is that?  Hello?….  We think it’s pretty great!


With your purchase of TCIM it also includes a downloadable copy of Unconditional Allowance


If you are someone who needs MOOORRRE information before you invest in yourself…
Here are some key elements as to what you can learn that makes TCIM is so effective: